Newborn Session with Three Bees Photography

A Newborn Session really is something so special and to be trusted with your tiny little babies really does mean the world to me.

I love creating these memories for parents, be it their first baby or a session including older siblings. Every session is slightly different and tailored to each family's wants and needs.

Newborn baby girl

Sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home or, if you'd prefer to leave all the worries of tidying and getting organised behind, you can come into my in-home studio.

Either way I know your session will be incredible. After all, the most important part is you and your baby. The location and outfits will always come second.

Baby girl with parents

When Alex and Aidan came to see me in my studio space with their 2 week old daughter Maze, I was amazed at how calm and relaxed they all were.

Getting out and about with a newborn isn't easy and to then look as incredible as Alex did, is an absolute miracle!

Baby girl snuggled with mum

Little Maze clearly picked up on how relaxed her parents were, as apart from maybe two feeds and a nappy change, she slept through her whole session. What a little superstar she was!

Trying to keep baby awake for an hour or so before the session always works wonders when it comes to them sleeping. I know it's no easy task to keep a newborn engaged and awake, but a nice bath and a feed before you come to see me usually does the trick.

I like to start with baby's individual images, while they are still happy and sleepy. Wrapping baby also works great in getting them settled, should they wake from the outfit change.

newborn baby girl posed and wrapped during newborn shoot

baby close up detailed portrait

baby girl newborn shoot

After baby's photos are done I get parents involved and that is when my favourite part happens. There is nothing better than seeing the way parents look at their tiny new babies, so full of love and happiness.

parents looking lovingly at baby girl during newborn shoot

I then simple snap away taking photos of mum and baby, dad and baby and of course some of everyone together. I will give directions on poses, but mainly just enjoy seeing what interactions happen once you've received a few directions. After all it's the real emotions and feelings we are after and want to capture.

Before a session I always make sure to ask if there are any specific images parents have in mind that they would like me to take or if there are any special items they would like to bring and include in the session. It's so important to me that the session is tailored to you personally.

baby in-between parents looking down

wrapped baby girl with bow during newborn shoot

I hope you enjoyed seeing what a newborn session with Three Bees Photography looks like and if you are planning to book your own session, just get in touch :).