Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of photographer are you? Where will my session be held?​

I am a natural light and lifestyle photographer. Which pretty much means I photograph life as it happens during your session. I will give guidance and directions, but mostly I will just be there to take images of you and your family having fun and enjoying your time together.

Sessions can be held quite literally anywhere, so if you have a special and meaningful place to you or your family, please let me know.

It can be outdoors or in the comfort of your own home.

When and how long will my session be?

Even though I am quite relaxed about where the session will be, I am pretty passionate about the time. 

The most amazing time for photos is golden hour (1.5 - 1 hour before sunset)! It just gives the most beautiful light and if we’re lucky enough we catch a stunning sunset as well.

I know it sounds late especially during summer and for family sessions, but trust me that late night for your kids will be worth it and often they handle it much better than you might think. Even more so if being out and about late is a rare treat. 

What should I wear?

Most importantly you should feel like yourself and be comfortable, as it will show in the images. 

For family sessions, colour coordinating and neutral coloured outfits are always great and I am happy to help or guide you before the session. I have also started a small client closet for mums, so if you're struggling to find the right dress just let me know and we can see if I might have something for you :).

What will my session be like?

As relaxed and as much fun as we can possibly make it. I want to see you and your kids at your most natural. Joke, play and enjoy the time with your family. I think far too often children (and husbands), dread having their pictures taken as it means being stuck in stiff poses and being directed by a stranger. 

I want to make sure this will be a positive experience for everyone, so please no threats or stern words about having to smile and behave.

If I do my job right the smiles will come! 

Will I get the digital photos from my session and can I order prints and products from you?

At this point I only offer digital images. Apart from the selected prints that come with the bigger packages. 

Each package includes a certain amount of digital images, which are all selected by yourself.

Should you wish to have some of these images printed I will be more than happy to recommend some professional printers, who will make sure you can get quality prints. 

How will I select my images?

1-2 weeks after your session you will be sent a link to an online gallery, which will give you the option to view and choose your favourites. Once you've made your selection I will make those images available for you to download.


If you have any further questions or would like more information about certain sessions, just drop me a message and we can chat.

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